The Energy Flow Wall concept secures the lowest heating costs together with the best indoor climate, all by using energy from the sun in a clever new functionality.  The system can even be used for cooling the building by nature.

Our planet receives much more energy from the sun every day than humans and nature have been able to use. Only new technology can prove that human behavior doesn’t need to use fossil energy, and that’s exactly where Energy Flow Wall has its focus.

Sensor technology, heat pumps, and electronic control of all rooms in the building offer the best conditions by ventilating each room, controlled after need, and with very low heating costs. The Energy Flow Wall can save about 80% in energy costs, at the same time achieving the best environments for both humans and the building. 

Fresh air from the outside is preheated with solar energy before entering the room. This happens even in the nighttime, as energy from the sun is collected and stored in the Energy Flow Wall elements during the daytime and released during the cold nights when the sun doesn’t heat the building anymore.

As every room is ventilated all the time, and regulated after weather conditions, temperatures, and human occupancy, mold growth and illness  are an infrequent occurrence.